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Numbers for the machine matrix

Here are the numberings we are going to use in the machine to distribute the siluettes. 3 rings with 31 possible objects on each. Inner ring can show…

Test of rig and silouttes for iteration 02

Silhouette in the making

For the second iteration of the wandering machine. We agreed to work with 31 objects, in 3 different scales adjusted to each of the rings to get some…

shadow objects proportion and size

Now the iteration 2 of the machine mechanics generating shadow is completed here are the results. There was also a change of the number of objects from 49…


Remarkable branches of German romanticism

Test with 3 object candidates

Tajkia Sharmi our research assistant from the digital design program has started to create the first 49 test objects for the rings. It will take longer than expected…

Rules and Categories

object distribution

Ideas, Notes, Projects, Prototypes



Research Sketch WLM

Notes on the wandering machine

Test of shadow length in Physical model

Today I measured the new area for the 49 objects that uses a 100mm disc in the middle, next is 130mm (will hold 13 0bjects), next is 170mm…


I have bought 6 usb Jewelery lights that will hopefully work similarly to the six lights in the virtual machine 3d set-up. Here an image with some 3d…

images 3dprinted shadowmachine


Shadow scene controlled with midi

It was time to return to this project using midi to simultaneously control parameters for the shadow machine. It should increase development time enhancing the number of experiments…


3D models of the first montain generated by the wandering Machine

Print from first iteration test             Iteration 1, 2 & 3. With the initial concept for a machine design and ideas and experiences…

Staging objects on the disc

This is a test to find out which light angles that work best and what hight specific object can have to influence the disc. The lights could be…

moving softimage rig to modo straight forward set-up

Softimage scene imported into modo. Using FBX. Only problem contraints lights does not get imported with animation. Alternate routs are plot curves used to get the coordnintaes to…

Shadow objects distance (how a layered greyscale shadows can be created)

Angles and distances to find min max value on every light projection angle between 15 – 75 degrees From full cover to periphery


6 static lightsources Shadowland rotates asymetrical 360 to 720 degrees around center, objects moves up and down h   Over 100 frames move from -15 degrees to -75…