We have now concluded the first test with the light measurement tool we constructed and built via 3d printed and prefab elements.

Here is the final model of the prototype modelled in 3D. The idea is that to put the axis in the middle of the disc and then have a spotligt that can be mnoved on its own axis to find out the ideal distance to create sharp shadows on the disc. The axis then also can be positioned to find out which angles to use for the spotlight.

First tested out in my home studio in the image below. It was to try out all of the 3D-printed bits and pieces.

The image below is from Interart Center in Malmö Sweden where I spent a day setting up the prototype a third time to test the final parts. The prototype worked as intended, I could use it to improvise and move distance and angles in a playful and explorative way to get some basic understanding of angles and distances

Here is the final result with all the measurements and distances

Ideally 40-60 degrees from the ground for the angle of the spotlight and the distance of the spotlight.

Next step will be to adjust the exact height of the rings A,B and C and the distance between them 1, 2 and 3 to fine tune the shadow postions on the min and max angle of the spotlight.

A final remark is that the silhouettes now have begun to come out of the 3d printer with a nice level of detail and the surfaces look quite well