Late night and early this morning I squeezed in a quick prototyping and 3d printing session to get an idea about some of the 93 objects. So here are some images of all of the prototypes that did not make it, and also the candidates we now have in play. We still need to adjust holes in some of the vegetative objects.This have to do with the resolution of the printer (Prusa mini) that set the limit of detail. Would have liked to use a resin printer but was a bit concerned with all the chemicals in that process.

So here are prototypes were I set the scale of the all objects, how the attach to the ring, which took a lot a trial and error since it is printed on two different machines, the gold on a Prusa mini and the black part on a Anycubic mega_x.

And here is the inner ring that will contain the seven objects that can be placed here. The objects are:

  1. Amorphous objects
1 Nature L 1 M 1 S 1
  1. Octopus
2 Nature S 1 L 1 M 1
  1. Tree
3 Nature L 2 M 2 S 2
  1. Mushroom
4 Nature M 1 S 1 L 1
  1. Roots
5 Nature M 2 S 2 L 2
  1. Predator
6 Nature S 2 L 2 M 2
  1. Tumbling weed
7 Nature S 3 M 3 L 3