For the second iteration of the wandering machine. We agreed to work with 31 objects, in 3 different scales adjusted to each of the rings to get some space in between each silhouette. The proportions for the Silhouette on each ring is important and is best already addressed with looking for reference images. When we in the fourth interaction sequence move to real 3d objects this will become less important because we can adjust the angle of the 3d object without distorting it. Distribution can be made through a bounding box model.

Updated 20220515

Here are all the 93 objects as shadows scaled to their actual size to each other.

We created a list of the 31 objects and they are at the moment 15 that deal with nature, one neutral 0 object, and 15 that deal with culture.

31 objects


1 Nature Amorphous objects
2 Nature Octopus
3 Nature Tree
4 Nature Mushroom
5 Nature Roots
6 Nature Predator
7 Nature Tumbling weed
8 Nature Seaweed
9 Nature Deep-sea Fish
10 Nature Reptile
11 Nature Butterfly
12 Nature Insect
13 Nature Coral
14 Nature Bird
15 Nature Hybrid animals
16 Nature/culture Lighter
17 Culture Rocket
18 Culture Barglobe
19 Culture Flying vehicle
20 Culture Mechanical instrument
21 Culture Warn sport gloves
22 Culture Strange objects
23 Culture Hybrid robotic Beings
24 Culture Trophy
25 Culture Rocking chair
26 Culture Ship
27 Culture wire
28Culture Street light
29 Culture Tool
30 Culture Spiral staircase
31 Culture Writing machine

Here are the first complete and iteration of the 93 objects