Due to my shift from Cinema 4D to Blender I rebuilt the entire machine-scene in Blender with the new feature: geometry nodes. While Cinema 4D offers quite sophisticated MoGraph-functions in order to automatize scene creation this was not possible in Blender. Until now.

Every part of this scene is generated fully procedural. Each “ring” of the machine needs a separate geometry node system that looks quite overwhelming. In Order to randomize the placement of different instances on the circle-spline a lot of calculations are necessary. I hope this workflow will improve with future developments of Blender’s functions.

At the moment I use Blender’s Cycles render engine to render out each shadow image. In order to homogenize our tooling we are planing to switch to Otoy Octane in the future.

I also did some experiments in regard to display specific qualities in the resulting topographies

Experiments with Aerialod